Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The $100 Nibiru Challenge is now the $5,000 Nibiru Challenge!

Blogger Naturally Selectable writes:
Upping the Ante: Win $5,000!

I personally have just written a check in the amount of $4900 that will be made payable to the person who satisfies this challenge. To reiterate, you must provide the right ascention and declination of the object called "Nibiru." In order to qualify, this object must meet the followeing criteria:

1) It must have sufficient mass to cause widespread havoc on earth. I will be generous here and allow any object with a mass equal to or greater than 6.0 x 10^25 kg, which is about ten earth masses.

2) It must have an orbital period between 2000 and 11000 years, consistent with the supposed orbital period of "Nibiru" according to various internet sources.

3) It must pass near the earth between 22 Jun 2012 and 21 Jun 2013 (within six months of 21 Dec 2012). I will again be generous and define "near" as "within 5.0 astronomical units."

(To these, I must add a criteria zero for the scientifically retarded: It must be observable by repeatable physical means, i.e. looking through a telescope.)

Send your entry to me at All entries must be received before doomsday. The person who first e-mails me the position of this object will receive from me via certified mail a check for $4900 USD upon verification of all four criteria. Combined with GoodNewsAtheism's offer, this brings the total prize fund up to $5000.

Good luck!
So, come and get it, you Nibirunauts. Just bring us the absolutely bare minimum for having a seat at the table of normal astronomy- the location of the objection over which you obsess day and night.


altairastar said...

I have 2 physics/astrophysics degrees. Having read your blog, I think I love you :)

Roll on 2012 so we can put an end to this nonsense!

Tony said...
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GoodNewsAtheism said...

The comment above this one, according to my email log, was a deleted comment about two stationary objects visible on the horizon somewhere around 4:30-5:00 AM. These objects have a number of explanations, the most plausible of which is simply stars and others include parallax effects on traveling aircraft. Or hey, if you insist on going out there, there's always Marfa Lights-style piezoelectric effects. =)

Rory said...

I would like to make my own prediction about 2012, if I may. I believe that on December 12, 2012, all of the computers will crash, airplanes will fall out of the sky, and cars will not start. Of course, this only affects Mayan computers, airplanes and cars. Those of us who are on the Gregorian calendar will do just fine.

Sotong2009 said...

Think your 11,000 year limit should be increased to 13,500.

Reasons being
(1) Some claim our solar system oscillates with a sinusoidal period of 24K+ around the galactic plane.

(2) A recent hypothesis "holds that an enormous comet slammed into or exploded over North America in the Younger Dryas period some 12,900 years ago".

2012 Dude said...

The proof is the Sumerians described our Solar System before anyone else, in perfect detail.
(are you jealous?)
Also our math and science which you obviously treasure so much came from them as well.
In fact our whole numerical system came from their culture as well as our agriculture and archetectural knowledge.
Can you deny that?
I think the fact that you even put up this challenge, which you never intend to pay because you never will admit you are wrong is proof enough for most of us.
I think thou doest protest too much!
I suggest you stop trying to be a control freak
before you make an utter fool of yourself.

How about this i will pay you 1 million dollars if you can prove it does not exist

GoodNewsAtheism said...

Show me a rule of inference that permits you to derive the existence of Nibiru from "the Sumerians were good at math" and I'll give you a million dollars. Actually, lets make it a billion if you can also prove that unicorns do NOT exist.

Bob Lienert said...

porksHow convenient for you that you only have to pay off if the world is going to be obliterated and you won't need the money anyway.

Headstrong said...
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Headstrong said...
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GoodNewsAtheism said...

Dear Headstrong,

The object in the article you posted has the following problems:

1. It probably doesn't exist. You should really look into these things more closely before you come along and make a fool out of yourself.

2. It doesn't mean any of Naturally Selectable's three criteria.

3. It doesn't meet any of mine.

You have a probably-fictional object that is totally unrelated to this challenge. Thanks, but no thanks. Come back when you actually have anything of substance.

Pierce said...

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Theory said...

Thank you for creating this challenge! The fact that the prize money goes uncollected says a lot about the inability of Nibiru claims to meet the most basic scientific requirements. Kudos on a job well done! :)

These people crack me up! One Nibutard in here wrote, "I will pay you 1 million dollars if you can prove it does not exist". That statement is so flawed that I weep for whatever education system he went through.

Neody said...

IF that is a depiction of Marduk we could be back in trouble.
i fount the similiar article for nibiru here

Jude Danahy said...

Could the 12/12/12 near miss asteroid Toutatis be Niribu "doomsday planet X"?