Thursday, January 29, 2009

Things that I am waiting for

Nibiru blog is coming back, today, and will resume regular posting straight through until the end of the universe, be that in 2012 or some other (perhaps predetermined) date. We'll be doing news, reviews, and analysis of all of the New Age garbage that is flowing out into the Internet and into mainstream culture.

But before we do, it is high time to lay down some ground rules for this 2012 thing. Attention, Nibiru-fearers. Lend me your ears, terrified New Agers huddling around your Edgar Cayce compendiums. I am about to tell you how you get a place at the table of a rational, informed conversation:

Bring the evidence with you.

Throwing down the gauntlet two posts (which is, over a year) ago proved fruitless. A few spectators whined about me "picking" on people for asking dangerous questions about their sacred cows. No one even tried to put up a fight. So here, let me help you: if you can do any of the following things, then you can write a post for this blog explaining your evidence and I will post it and we will have a back-and-forth debate for as long as we both can bear. But first, here are your payment options for a foot in the door:
  • Find for me the right ascension and declination of the planet Nibiru (as defined elsewhere on this blog) so that I can look at it for myself. At least one person who reads this blog knows what I'm talking about when I say that the RA and declination of Mars do not count.
  • Find for me any prophecy from ancient history (people born after the 2012 apocalypse hysteria was invented don't count), Mayan or otherwise, unequivocally stating that the world will end in 2012. Hint: the ending of a calendar does not mean the ending of the world. You don't even need to provide evidence that the prophecy will come true, only that it actually exists and is distinct from the normal end of a calendar cycle.
  • If you are one of the people who sees 2012 more as some kind of imminent "spiritual transformation," then you can provide me with a clear, concise, exhaustive definition of this "2012 spiritual transformation." It would be nice if you could throw in some evidence that such a thing will actually happen, but you New Age guys are so behind on your work that you get a pass just for clearly defining your terms.
And that's it, that's all you have to do. If you think that 2012 is going to be the return of Nibiru, all you have to do is to be able to find Nibiru (shouldn't be hard, because the demigod Zecharia Sitchen already gave you its orbit in the Twelfth Planet). If you think that 2012 has been foreordained to be the end of the world, great: show me where you read that. And if you're just a New Ager along for the ride, please, just tell me... what the hell are you talking about?


Tony said...

1st to comment. I've been looking at this star in the sky for about.... uuhh 4 months now that is so bright it looks like an airplane light and sometimes flickers just barely but it has definitly been getting brighter and just last night it was right near the moon, the position at about 10 11 o'clock. But as it gets later I don't usually pay too much attention to it and I end up losing its position but I usually see it about 4 or 5 o'clock which is about 3 hours before any other stars besides this other one that has been "looking like its been orbiting it" but I've seemed to lose its position...

GoodNewsAtheism said...

A very bright object that wavers periodically and appears to move much more than other stars is Venus, the second planet from the sun. It appears very bright and very mobile because it is much closer to the Earth than any star.

NaturallySelectable said...
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NaturallySelectable said...

Upping the Ante: Win $5,000!

I personally have just written a check in the amount of $4900 that will be made payable to the person who satisfies this challenge. To reiterate, you must provide the right ascention and declination of the object called "Nibiru." In order to qualify, this object must meet the followeing criteria:

1) It must have sufficient mass to cause widespread havoc on earth. I will be generous here and allow any object with a mass equal to or greater than 6.0 x 10^25 kg, which is about ten earth masses.

2) It must have an orbital period between 2000 and 11000 years, consistent with the supposed orbital period of "Nibiru" according to various internet sources.

3) It must pass near the earth between 22 Jun 2012 and 21 Jun 2013 (within six months of 21 Dec 2012). I will again be generous and define "near" as "within 5.0 astronomical units."

(To these, I must add a criteria zero for the scientifically retarded: It must be observable by repeatable physical means, i.e. looking through a telescope.)

Send your entry to me at All entries must be received before doomsday. The person who first e-mails me the position of this object will receive from me via certified mail a check for $4900 USD upon verification of all four criteria. Combined with GoodNewsAtheism's offer, this brings the total prize fund up to $5000.

Good luck!

GoodNewsAtheism: Feel free to publicise this with another blog entry, or any other way you choose.

johno said...

The first demand is acceptable and I might be able to provide that in due time (less than 12 months).

The second one about the end of the world is almost an impossibility. Nibiru has passed many many times before and while it has had catastrophic effects of the planet and its population, it has not 'ended' the world - just civilisations, and that is all that we are facing this time round.

The third is more a socio-political result of the coming events, and so will not be observable until after the event - where people will realise that too few people have held the power, the resources and the truth from the most, this realisation will cause a life-paradigm change AFTER the event - until then, most of humanity will be trapped in the illusion of 'the money civilisation'.

Pat Cambio said...

5h 53m 27s, -6 10'58

those are the need for the reward, money will be useless soon.