Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Wired" magazine totally blows it

I like "Wired" magazine. I like tech news. I like science.

So imagine the velocity at which my jaw dropped when I read this HORRIBLE interview, with this HORRIBLE opening question asked of a MODERATELY REASONABLE person about a truly RIDICULOUS subject: Do you think it’s coincidence that the Mayans predicted apocalypse on the exact date when astronomers say the sun will next reach a period of maximum turbulence?
I will give "Wired" magazine any three bones in my body if they can identify any significant Mayan tradition that identifies 2012 with "apocalypse."

As I've said before, and doubtlessly will be forced by my shame-faced disdain for my fellow man to say again, the Mayans did not predict "apocalypse" in 2012, ever, period. The Mayans predicted that their calendar would start over. This would be like "Wired" warning that the world will end on January 1st, 2010, because the Gregorian calendar 'ends' on December 31st of 2009. Way to blow it, "Wired." Consider my subscription canceled.

And, if you please, could you stop poisoning popular culture with this crap? You are either lying about the facts, or you are woefully underqualified to report on the facts, because you completely dropped the ball on this one, guys. In either case, you do not have the academic or moral authority to report on this issue ever again.


Bobby Collins said...

What do you think about David Wilcock's facts in his 2012 Enigma? I would like to get your view point.

GoodNewsAtheism said...

Hey Bobby,

I hadn't heard of 2012 Enigma before, but I'm giving it a watch right now. Based on its popularity and the breadth of its content it certainly merits a post or two. I will try to have a preliminary sketch of my input into David Wilcock's ideas up some time this weekend, so check back soon!