Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Is Nibiru located at RA 4h18m10.8s Declination 6° 18' 12" ?

Susan, the host of the MY2K blog, writes:
RA 4h18m10.8s
Declination 6° 18' 12"
Presumably, this is an assertion of where Nibiru can be located in the sky. Since she didn't provide any documentary evidence, only the numbers, I had to do the looking myself.

Here is what Google Sky sees at those coordinates:

Nothing. Nada. Blank space next to a star, not a planet.

But, perhaps Google Sky cannot be trusted. Lets see what the STScI Digitized Sky Survey sees:

More nothing.

Susan, explain. What am I missing here? Where did you get those numbers?


Susan said...

Well, I can only tell you if you promise it won't dc me for the $$.
Ok, I'll pretend you promised.
I know the sky is big, but the odds have to be as good as a lottery. I will enter this contest. Maybe I will win. That would be awesome.
Trouble is, I don't know what Right asension, etc. is. But I have google. I know one star- Betelgeuse- so I just need to know its 'numbers'. Cut paste. Change them to my favorite numbers - 4, 18, 12, etc.
And, you have to admit, you don't know FOR SURE that Nibiru is not there. It might be. Maybe it's a black hole or something else invisible.

GoodNewsAtheism said...

Curse you, Susan!

I'm assuming that was a joke. I don't know FOR SURE that there isn't a floating unicorn there. As the challenge states, the burden is not on me to provide negation- the burden is on the claimant to provide evidence.

Susan said...

Curse me for entering your contest? Hmmmm ... I don't know about that.
Are you expecting only 'serious' entrants? In a challenge to find Nibiru? Ok, I'll withdraw my uneducated entry. I love the picture of where my guess was! I assume I could use that on my blog if I link to you? That was better than $4900 any old day.
I do like reading your blog, btw.

GoodNewsAtheism said...

I have never used the phrase "curse you!" and meant it at the same time. And you don't need my permission to link to my blog.

And actually, I guess I was expecting 'serious' entrants. Some people are really, really into this stuff. The reason that their craziness festers so openly is that nobody challenges them on the facts- they just dismiss them. Not that they've exactly earned a serious dialogue, but I do think that it would at least be worth the attempt to sit down with some of these people and really go over the facts.

Susan said...

I don't think the people who are serious also know what right ascension and d. are though. I didn't. It's a high hurdle for non-scientists, and I can't picture scientists believing in Nibiru. But I could be wrong.

inthenight47 said...

I'm serious, and want the real truth myself! First, I want to know will you using infrared to view this object, because if you don't...You can't see it! Go to WIKISKY.ORG and put these numbers in: Input this set of coordinates into the search box ... 09:47:59 13:16:27 This will take you to a nice quiet place in the sky ... now select the Infra-red setting ... what do you see?

verocar said...

Hey! You crack me up. I casually found your blog searching for Wilcoks vid and sudenly after reading your words I realized that was the same feeling I always get after listening to these people. They are entertaining though, and wouldn´t it be fun if they were right! Anyways I wanted to offer you a different perspective against the 2012 theory - it´s origin. I came across it more or less quickly, and you probably have too (I haven´t had time to read all your posts yet), it all started with charlatan Fernando Malkun. After explaining mayan understanding and conception of time, he invented the prophecy. Mayans did signal 2012 as the end of a cycle - and we have come across many other similar ones in the past. It´s just a measure of time, like a decade or century for us. it has no other trascendental meaning, that was a fantasy and very profitable business Malkun and others popularized. They all live off of it, of course.
Lastly I would like to know your opinion on conspiracies such as NWO, Illuminati, etc.
Keep up the good thinking!

verocar said...

Oh forgot to ask about all the quantum physics that are in every modern new age theory nowadays, the type that say that you create your reality with your thoughts, you materialize your thoughts in other words. If you all ready blogged about it just pass me the link I don´t want you to have to re write everything. I know I´m asking you tons of stuff but finding a serious analytical voice on the internet is like finding an oasis in the desert and I´m quite excited, lol.

Marklar said...

Susan Wins!!! Of course there is nothing there on your pitiful 2D image ... We all no Nibiru exists in higher dimensions and will only reveal itself to those deemed worthy by Chief Noobtard.

Thanks for the math I was looking for the escape velocity of such a body (far more ridiculous than I would have even expected), thankfully I too stumbled upon an oasis in the BS desert.

raparigadabanheira said...

I bet you already read this, but just in case:



Miss Ohio said...


Hotcha! Where's my money?

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