Sunday, May 24, 2009

David Wilcock: nothing in "the 2012 Enigma" is real

So, I sent my extensive facepalm over David Wilcock's "The 2012 Enigma" to Mr. Wilcock himself, and here is his rather terse reply:
2012 Enigma is a collection of 'extras' and is not a scientific presentation. That's why I released it -- it didn't infringe on the REAL stuff.
Good to know. So now everyone who once believed in the tripe proposed by "Enigma" knows the truth: it is not scientific and nothing in it is real, and I have a signed confession by the author saying so.


Augustine de Lawrence said...

i don't know who you are or what you stand for, but i do know a little bit about "speculation" in general and "energetics".

your post is obviously sour grapes and involves picking a fight based upon something taken out of context to fit the bill of your "gotcha" concerns.

dude, when you have read all of david's books. come back and take him on. that's the real stuff he's talking about. not his dog and pony show that in of itself is very convincing as to the reality of the pinneal gland.

you are just paid detractor out of the pentagon or just and a garden variety crank. good luck with your wandering.

GoodNewsAtheism said...

He's the one who said that nothing that he talked about in that "very convincing" "dog and pony show" is real. Why don't you point to where exactly in the presentation, or in his many, poorly-researched works I can find solid evidence to deal with?

I also find it quite telling that, rather than pointing out any specific factual errors I have made here, you have chosen to dismiss the whole thing as "sour grapes." Very predictable. Now come back when you actually have something of substance to say. I don't have to read the entire Wilcock corpus to know that his little google video presentation is a joke and a half.

Susan said...

RA 4h18m10.8s
Declination 6° 18' 12"

Kinderling said...

Having just come across David Wilcock I was amazed at his fundamental hypothosis of 'partical-physical three dimentional space-time transforming into wave-etherial three dimentional time-space' and to listen to his David Icke style of putting common ignorances together to make a house of cards with a giant slab of rock on it.
One internet search found your website (which should have had millions of hits!).

Keep up the good work of awakening consciousness.

Dollyliza said...

Hello and not everything is a lie in that movie... There are scientific facts. It is how he puts them together and his conclusions that you are after. Belonging to a family of educators and doctors I can say one thing; your conclusions do not meet with his or anybody else's that you criticize. That is why you are after them. That is why we have categorization in our world and numerous, useless conflicts! The information does not matter, personal opinion does. If you drop believing in that which you believe in, you will realize that a person can only know or not know information, regardless of what categorization in follows under; truth or lie. Information exists in all form and variation... There is no truth and no lie. It is all about how your logical processor puts it all together. How about you pick on someone your own size? If David is challenged, then why are you, the smart one, scrutinizing others' opinions? If you would be doing this for your own satisfaction, you wouldn't post it on the world-wide network. And if you want people to get your message, then aren't you doing what everyone else is doing? What do you get out of people agreeing with you? If a person realizes all truth, he'd never share it with anyone... we share information so we can collectively figure things out. Thus one person will never reach truth by himself. The real meaning of truth is that it would meet with all opinions of all people, because truth is different for every single person out there. Thus, everything is truth. Whatever meets with your truth is truth, thus for someone else truth is something else. But how can his lie be truth? Because truth does not exist, INFORMATION exists... and it is all about how you want to put it together =]


If you are concerned for all that are following these people's ideas... Don't worry, they are just being sucked into someone else's truth. Just like people are sucked into the truth of a religion and the truth of education. What you are doing is not different at all from what they are doing. Look, even I was attracted to your truth and ended up here. It all depends on how many people you attract to your truth that makes it possible and plausible =]